Godrej Aqua- A Project That Is A Perfect Fit For Your Family And Children

Godrej Aqua, the residential homes located in Hosahalii, Billamaranahali, Bangalore. It is developed by Godrej Properties. The Godrej Aqua amenities are such that the residents will never feel any discomfort. Rather the comforts are beyond thoughts. Those who will choose to live in this place will never feel isolated as there many places to visit nearby and engage yourselves. The significant Godrej Aqua location ensures it.
Comforting facilities for members
It includes world-class amenities and never lets the resident feel lack of any comfort.  For engaging the residents of this sublime enclave, there is a state-of-life clubhouse inside the zone. People can go there know each other and enjoy various occasions with the neighbors. So, the retired ones will never feel left out and alone. For engaging children, a special children’s play area is designed, keeping in mind safety and happiness of children. A swimming pool is also there to encourage swimming as a sport for them. To celebrate occasions, be it festivals, birthday celebrations or marriage functions, a magnificent and spacious Multi-purpose hall is built inside the township. For teens and adults, a many indoor games have been provided. And keeping in mind their health and fitness, certain sports arrangements have been made. These include a basketball court, badminton court, skating rink, and tennis court. Furthermore, a jogging track, yoga deck, gymnasium and beautiful gardens have been extended for the mental and physical well-being of residents.

Godrej Aqua - Luxury Apartment At Hosahalli Bangalore
Godrej Aqua

A Location Where You’ll Never Get Bored
Godrej aqua is located in a significant location in Hosahalli, Bangalore. It is just a few minutes driveway from the airport. For an uninterrupted education of children, there are many schools and college in the nearby area including Cambridge English School, Narayana PU College, Jayhind PU College and Saint John’s College for Pharmacy. Multispecialty and reputed hospitals such as Gia Hospital, Sri Krishna Hospital and Star Hospital are in close vicinity. The elders believe in god and in thanking them for each and every happiness of their family. Presence of Veera Anjeneya Swami temple allows them to do so. They can find happiness in worshipping the god. The busses are easily available for conveyance and many IT parks are upcoming in the area. Presence of these it parks will create more job opportunities for the residents.

Scenic Beauty And Comforting Conveniences
This property spreads across  3 acres of greenery giving a fresh living experience amidst nature. Being located aside the airport road, it gives a pleasant view of the open lands around it. The township will have 14-floor high-rise buildings in it. So, no unit of these luxurious apartments will ever miss the beauty of sunrises and sunsets. The serene beauty of lush green gardens, open lands and blinking lights of flights at night, give a natural and mind smoothening touch to this abode. Living in a place that provides the smell and comfort of nature is not sufficient in itself. Discomfort caused by lack of amnesties will always manage to overcome the comfort caused by nature. Hence the place is showered with multiple luxurious amenities. The place manages to give the comforts that a resort provides. The significant presence of Tunga river in Hosahalli area is another reason why this is an important project.

While investing in a residential property, it is highly important to ensure that it provides facilities for all. For elders, for children, for adults and for teens. It is important that the place which will be your home soon has sufficient facilities and places near it so that one never feels limited and restricted. It should have entertainment hubs, medical centers, shopping centers and working places near it. The place should actually feel like a home. Hence, Godrej Aqua will be a perfect choice for happiness and well-being of the family.

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