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Bangalore Realty Market continues to outperform in Q1 2018

I have been, for as long as I can remember, quite disposed towards tales and anecdotes. Like little pieces of pearl wound in a loose necklace, history tries to bring together a string of events and in the austere attempt, dips and rises on so many occasions. What otherwise would have been a prosaic day back in the 11th century, today holds so much relevance for the Bangalore city.
Wondering why? The apocryphal tale below holds your answer.

The Apocryphal Tale of Bangalore
So one fine day, King Veera Ballala II decided to go hunting and while on his expedition, seemingly lost his way in the forest. Starving and exhausted, he came across an old woman who generously offered him boiled lady’s fingers to satiate his hunger. Pleased, the King christened the place as ‘benda kaal-ooru’, which literally translates to town of boiled beans. Later, this has been colloquialised to Bengaluru. Fascinating, right?
What I am trying to say is; Bangalore has had an affluent history. Heroes, forts, lea…

Upcoming projects by the Prestige Group

Bangalore the IT hub of India and falling into the Tier 1 city category has a lot of scope in the real estate field too because of the development of IT revolution. It’s easy for an IT guy to invest in a project in Bangalore.
What matters these days the most is the time that you put into hunting for a property in Bangalore. As there are a lot of developers mushrooming up in the Bangalore city it becomes difficult to analyze and zero on a project which you think will suit your need and requirement. If you are a first-time investor you definitely need to do a lot of research and analysis before locking any apartment in any project.

Invest Wisely....
If you are a recent graduate and are earning a good amount of income and also looking for a better investment option, then let us help you with the best options available with proper guidance so that you can choose the best project by making the right decision of your life. If you are looking for 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartments in a posh locality th…

Real estate is the new minting press. It’s not gold anymore. But why?

Gold or real estate, where should you invest now?

Gold has been synonymous with a majority of Indians accumulating assets. Whether it be in regard to economic status, security or asset acquisition, gold has a very strong influence on asset building. A latest RBI report disclosed that 76.9% of household wealth in India sees investment in real estate, while 59% of the poorest 20% in the country own land or at the least a dwelling unit while the largest expected growth (in absolute terms) is in real estate. Turning our attention to gold, how truly profitable of an investment is it? Regarding the longevity issue, investing in gold may be a favorable option in the shorter run – three or four years, which could most likely be maxed out to seven years. But, the value of gold is fickle and depends on several factors making it unpredictable.   But, in the last couple of decade’s real-estate has picked up due to two major reasons - structured tax benefits and gradual yet definite capital appre…